The “Worldwide” registration

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We offer you an “All-in” Dutch registration solution that is unique in the world!

Our “All-in” Dutch registration for your sailing or motor yacht includes:

      • International Dutch registration of your yacht
      • Registration of your yacht in the Dutch cadastre
      • Issue of Dutch Certificate or Registry (“zeebrief”)
      • Issue of a Dutch tonnage certificate (“meetbrief”) for ships up to 24 metres (For ships longer than 24 metres, you must submit a tonnage certificate yourself.)
      • Allocation of an international Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) number
      • Application of invisible microdots onto your yacht – in the event of theft, microdots ensure that your yacht can be immediately identified and linked to you worldwide.

      What are microdots?

      To protect your boat to the best possible extent and, following any theft, have it quickly returned to you as the rightful owner, we apply microdots onto your sailing or motor yacht!

      What are microdots? Microdots are tiny microscopic discs that contain a unique identification number.
      Using a spray can, thousands of these discs, along with a clear-drying adhesive, are applied to regular or theft-prone component parts of a ship.
      The microdots are water- and heat-resistant and can be applied both inboard as well as outboard.
      The layer of adhesive containing the microdots is almost invisible to the naked eye. Only authorised bodies, such as the water police, can read the code using special equipment.

      Why are microdots so effective?

      It is impossible to remove all microdots applied by us or change the unique code.
      Only one microdot has to be identified to find out in whose name a stolen ship has been registered by the Dutch Cadastre.
      In addition, the microdots have a warranted life of at least 20 years following application.
      All this makes that microdots provide more protection than registration marks, which can be removed or damaged deliberately.

      And, what’s more, most insurance companies offer a discount on the insurance premium if microdots have been applied.

      On completion of the entire procedure, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (the former Ministry of Transport and Public Works) issues an International Certificate of Registry (“Internationale Zeebrief” in Dutch), and the ship is also registered with the Dutch Cadastre as a property subject to registration (a “registergoed” in Dutch).

      Because Dutch law provides that “non-EU residents” cannot apply for a Dutch Certificate of Registry (“Nederlandse Zeebrief”), Yacht Registration Holland has come up with an excellent solution, which we have been providing to a large number of non-EU ship owners by now.

      The solution offered by Yacht Registration Holland:

      1. We register your ship with the Dutch Cadastre.
      2. Your ship, wherever in the world it is moored, is surveyed and branded by a professional employed by the Cadastre. (If the yacht is moored in the Netherlands, the costs are inclusive. If the yacht is moored outside the Netherlands, the travel and accommodation costs will be separately charged to you by the Cadastre.)
      3. The tonnage certificate (“meetbrief” in Dutch) is prepared by the Cadastre.
      4. We apply for the Dutch Certificate of Registry (“Zeebrief”) for your yacht with the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment.
      5. The International Certificate of Registry (“Internationale Zeebrief”) is registered with the Cadastre and then issued to the owner.


      Sailing yacht

      The price tag

      We offer the complete initial package including agreements, domicile, costs of Chamber of Commerce, civil-law notary, Cadastre, Ministry, tonnage certificate (“meetbrief”), International Certificate of Registry (“Internationale Zeebrief”) MMSI Radio License and the registration at a very favorable price.

      Ask our dealer for a quote! You will be surprised about our nice prices!

      Similar registrations in countries such as Luxembourg, Monaco, etc., come with a price tag of many thousands of euros more. And, what’s more, they do not have the impact and “grandeur” that the world-famous Dutch flag does have!

      Yacht Registration Holland’ role

      Yacht Registration Holland will arrange the entire registration process in the Netherlands for any leisure craft in the world. We use professionals in this process such as chartered accountants and lawyers, with whom Yacht Registration Holland has been working very closely for many years.

      Please send me a free quote without commitment