Registration of the Dutch ensign

Je Maintiendrai

There are many reasons to register your sailing or motor yacht under the Dutch flag. Below, we summarise the most important reasons for you:

  1. Low costs

Registration in the Netherlands is not expensive. For a low fee you can have your sailing or motor yacht registered in the Netherlands.

  1. Fast registration procedure

In most cases, we will have our EU Light Registration for your yacht ready within one week – and often even faster. Our Worldwide Registration for your yacht will normally be completed within just a few weeks!

  1. No need for inspection

If you have your sailing or motor yacht registered with us under the EU Light Registration, no survey or inspection of your vessel will be required.

  1. No unnecessary bureaucracy

Worldwide, the Netherlands is known for being one of the countries with the lowest levels of bureaucracy. In practice, this means for you that your application will be smoothly handled without any complicating regulations.

  1. Marine-telephone and EPIRB license in no time

If you want us to do so, we will arrange the MMSI Ship Station License for you within 24 hours.

  1. Minimum requirements to the equipment of your yacht

Below, we have listed the requirements that the equipment of your sailing or motor yacht must meet.

Equipment under Dutch flag :

  • Life vest/jacket : one per person on board.
  • Lifebuoy with light, in case of night operating.
  • Effective distress signals, including flares.

Nautical instruments :

  • magnetic compass
  • navigation lights
  • boat horn and manual depth sounder

Armament equipment :

  • anchor
  • hammer
  • boat hook
  • bilge pump or bailer
  • sufficient number of oars with oarlocks
  • minimum of 20 m of rope for usual operations
  • waterproof electrical torch allowing to give light signals
  • fire extinguisher (for motorboats)
  • complete sails kit (for sailboats)

First Aid Kit :

  • waterproof box with necessary bandages and other usual pharmaceutical products